Jackpot Lab Slot Review

Jackpot Lab Slot Review

Jackpot Lab is a relatively new video slot game brought to us by Platipus. This title is all about finding the right combination of potions to score the largest possible reward. Players have five reels to play with, upon which 40 unique paylines have been spread out. The graphics style tries to give the game a mysterious aesthetic and it achieves its purpose for the most part. The overall presentation of Jackpot Lab is quite appealing, while in the review below, we will explore the gameplay aspects of this title.

Jackpot Lab Slot Summary
Software Provider Platipus
Payline Number 40
RTP 95.20%
Minimum Bet $0.40
Maximum Bet $40
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Bonus Features Free Spins, Bonus Reel, Mixed Symbol Combinations
Jackpot Mini Jackpot: 1,000 coins Minor Jackpot: 4,000 coins Major Jackpot: 10,000 coins Grand Jackpot: 40,000 coins

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Jackpot Lab Slot

Winning CombinationsWhen it comes to symbols and winning combinations, Jackpot Lab does something both familiar and unusual at the same time. But let’s get ahead of ourselves and first take a look at the symbols featured in this game. They take the form of various alchemical ingredients and potions, giving you the opportunity to form winning combinations on the paylines.

The symbols are separated into groups based on their payout and first, we will explore the low-paying category. It is made up of crystals and potion combinations. Specifically, the two Crystal symbols will both pay 40 coins for a maximum combination. Then, a sequence of any Green Potion symbols will provide you with a payout of 40 coins. When you spin five of any Blue Potion symbols on a payline, the game will pay 120 coins.

After this, we reach the Potions symbols which offer significantly better rewards. The Single Green Potion is the first possible combination from this group, offering 240 coins for five of the same symbol. The Double Green Potion symbol, on the other hand, will pay 360 coins for a maximum sequence. The Single Blue Potion is next in line with a payout 480 coins when you line up five on a payline, while the Double Blue Potion will grant you 800 coins for a maximum combination. Last but not least, the Triple Blue Potion symbol comes with a payout of 1,200 coins if you spin 5 on a payline.

We also have to consider the special symbols in Jackpot Lab. The Wild is the first in this category, taking the form of the Wizard. It will substitute for basic symbols on the reels and also features a paytable of its own. When you spin five of it on a payline, you get 2,400 coins.

The other two special symbols are the Scatter and the Bonus, both of which are instrumental to a bonus round of their own. The Scatter will only spin on the first, third, and fifth reels, whereas the Bonus symbol will appear on the second, third and fourth ones.

Bonus Features of Jackpot Lab Slot

Bonus imageJackpot Lab is not without a number of bonus features, each of which will contribute to your overall enjoyment of the game. The first one that we will go over is the free spins round. Triggered whenever you spin 3 or more Scatters at the same time, Jackpot Lab will allow you to play out 8 free games. Best of all, the feature can retrigger itself when you spin 3 more Scatters for an extra 8 free spins.

The other notable bonus round is the Bonus Reel. Initiated when you hit 3 or more Bonus symbols, the sixth reel gives you the opportunity to win a cash prize or one of the four jackpots. The wins are given out at random and there is no way to influence the outcome. The cash rewards range between 160 and 720 coins, while the jackpots are progressive in nature. When the reel stops spinning, you learn what you have won.

Our Verdict

Jackpot Lab is not the most interesting title in the world, though it does exhibit a strange feeling of nostalgia. The gameplay is fun enough for you to play a few spins and the progressive jackpots are always enticing. However, there is little to differentiate this title from the plethora of other slots on the market.