Hawaii Cocktails Slot Review

Hawaii Cocktails Slot

Hawaii Cocktails is a relaxing and lighthearted slot game from the game provider company BGaming. While this company is not the largest out there, but it certainly has some gems like the game we are discussing here. Hawaii Cocktails is a 5-reel, 9-payline video slot game with a Hawaiian theme. It comes with moderate betting limits, with the minimum of €0.90, going as high as €9.00 per spin. Below, we will cover all of the major aspects of this slot, including the symbols, the payouts, any bonus features and more.

Hawaii Cocktails Slot Summary
Game Provider BGaming
Paylines 9
RTP 97,30%
Minimum Bet €0,90
Maximum Bet €9,00
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol Yes
Bonus Features Free Spins
Jackpot x5 Wild pays x50,000

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Hawaii Cocktails Slot

Winning CombinationsThe symbols in Hawaii Cocktails are many and they vary significantly in their payouts. Generally, we can categorize them into three distinct groups – low-paying, high-paying, and special. The low-paying group is made up of high card symbols, ranging from 9 to Ace and they offer weak payouts when compared with the rest. The high-paying group is where things become interesting. The Yellow and Blue Cocktails are on the lower end of the spectrum, with a payout of x500 the line bet for a combination of five. After that, we find the Red and the Green Cocktails, which pay slightly more – x800 the line bet when you line up five of the same symbol on a single line. Lastly from the high-paying category, there is the Mint Cocktail which will pay x1,000 the line bet whenever you score a combination of five.

As for the special symbols, they come in the form of the Wild and Scatter. The Wild is the Coconut Cocktail and it will stand in for any standard symbol on the reels. It has its own paytable where five Wilds will reward you with x50,000 the line bet. When it comes to the Scatter, it offers a major payout of x1,000 the total bet when you spin five of that symbol in any position. Additionally, it will also reward you with free spins should you hit enough symbols at once.

Bonus Features of Hawaii Cocktails Slot

Bonus imageThe primary bonus feature of Hawaii Cocktails is in the form of free spins. Triggered whenever you spin 3 or more Scatters at once, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. For the duration of this round, all winnings will be doubled in value, allowing you to make a significant profit under the right circumstances. Aside from that, there is nothing worth talking about that affects the gameplay in any significant way.


Overall, Hawaii Cocktails is not the most complex slot that you will come across in the online gambling world. Regardless, it can still offer you a fun and engaging experience if you happen to enjoy the aesthetic. Gameplaywise, the game is nothing special and does not offer any groundbreaking features. On the flip side, it does not have any significant drawbacks either. It could be hit or miss, depending on your preference, so we recommend that you try it out in free-play mode when presented the opportunity.