Fruits Dimension Slot Review

Fruits Dimension Slot Review

Fruits Dimension is a slot that is reminiscent of classic fruits-themed slots which still enjoy quite a bit of popularity nowadays. This lovely title created by World Match is illustrated in a wacky and colorful way, which makes the overall look and feel of the slot very fun. Furthermore, the artwork in question is well made, and the ambient music further compliments the retro atmosphere.

The gameplay is entertaining as well. Spinning the reels makes for satisfying gambling sessions, and the overall enjoyment you can get out of this title is further enhanced by the slot’s interesting and unique features.

Fruits Dimension Slot Summary
Provider World Match
Paylines 25
RTP 98.1%
Min Bet 0.01 credits
Max Bet 25 credits
Wild Symbol Wild
Scatter symbol Free Spins apple, Bonus Game plum
Bonus Features Free Spins, Bonus Game – blend the fruits into juice and receive a prize
Jackpot No progressive or fixed jackpot

Symbols and winning combinations of Fruits Dimension

Winning Combinations Fruits Dimension features 25 adjustable lines, and winning involves receiving 3, 4, or 5 copies of the same symbol in adjacent reels from left to right. Punters will receive only the highest winning on its respective payline. The slot offers symbols that are illustrated in a classic fashion, and they all complement the game’s overall aesthetic.

The dozen or so icons all have different values when it comes to the payout, and we will first focus on the least generous fruit. The title goes to the lemons, as receiving 5 copies of this symbol will leave you with 75x bet per line. Above them are the juicy watermelons, and matching 5 of these icons will result in you getting 100x wager per line. The same can be said about the cherries, although a lower number of copies will net a bit more credits than the watermelons. Next, we have the bell and the bar symbols. If you are lucky and end up with identical 5 icons of either, you will receive 150x bet per line. Bananas, on the other hand, will net 250x bet per line, while 5 oranges will result in 500x betline. Now we will move on to the symbols offering the best payouts, the first of which is the pineapple. Matching 5 copies of this fruit will leave you with 1500x bet per line. As for the king of the symbols, that would be the lucky 7. If you get 5 of these classic icons on your reel, you will be rewarded with 2500x payline.

A symbol that also gives credits is, and this might come as a surprise, the free spins apple which also provides you with 12 free spins. Another notable icon is the wild, and lastly, we have the plum, which is a scatter figure that triggers the bonus game.

Bonus Features of Fruits Dimension

Bonus image Fruits Dimension offers a couple of extra features that will ensure your time spent wagering on this slot is full of exciting moments.

The first of Fruits Dimension’s bonus features are the free spins. Receiving free spins is simply a matter of lucking out and having 3 or more copies of the free spins icon appear on your reels. You can receive 12 free spins this way. Even better, during free spins, all of your winnings will be multiplied by 2 which makes for especially lucrative gambling sessions if you are lucky. It is important to note that you cannot win any additional free spins in this mode.

The game’s main bonus mode is aptly named Bonus Game. Unlocking this mechanic involves getting three or more bonus mode symbols, which are illustrated with a plum. Once the extra game has started, you will find yourself in a kitchen with a blender on your right and baskets on the left. You will then be prompted to click on the baskets, and doing so will review the fruits hiding inside thus filling up the mixer with juice. Each fruit’s value varies, influencing the amount you win. When the mixer is full, you will be presented with what you won and will be then escorted back to the main game.

Last, but certainly not least, Fruits Dimension also features wild symbols. These types of icons are more or less something that increases your chances of achieving winnings, due to the fact that they can basically substitute for all other symbols. This excludes scatter symbols, however.


Fruits Dimension is a fun little slot title that can be surprisingly generous with a bit of luck. The gameplay is fun, and its colorful art style is reminiscent of the types of slot games you would encounter at traditional casinos. Overall, this game offers a pleasant gambling experience and is certainly worth considering.