Flash Track Slot Review

Flash Track Slot Review

If you fancy yourself driving a luxurious supercar, now is your chance to speed your way into huge payouts. Launched in 2018, Flash Track combines the conventional game of roulette with the dynamic pace of slots. Themed around racing and fast cars, it features a dark, elegant background.

The biggest appeal here is the appetizing jackpot the game offers. Apart from the exciting gameplay, Flash Track boasts many cool features including random flash effects, brand and color wilds. The game lacks conventional symbols as such. It uses different luxury cars instead, with payouts varying based on the color and brand.

Flash Track Slot Summary
Software Provider Bunfox
Paylines No conventional paylines
RTP 97.00%
Minimum Bet 1 credit
Maximum Bet 1,000 credits
Wild Symbol Brand and color wild symbols
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Free Lights, Free Train, Grand Giveaway
Jackpot Varies depending on your bet size in relation to players’ total wagers

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Flash Track Slot

Winning CombinationsFlash Track uses an incredibly original set-up that greatly differs from what one would expect to see in a traditional slot. To the left, players will find seven horizontal tiles with different luxury cars and below they can see a box with their available balance.

The main screen space is occupied by an oval that resembles a roulette racetrack, where you can see cars of different brands and bonus symbols. There is also a countdown clock along with a circle that shows players the current value of the jackpot. The expandable tab to the right contains the game’s rules and the payouts.

The countdown starts from twelve seconds during which time players can place wagers in the selector box that appears from the bottom of the screen. It is possible to bet on yellow, red or green cars.

The payouts for each car brand are set at the beginning of the round. Once the countdown ends, the selector box disappears from view and you wait for the outcome hoping that the ball will stop on a symbol you have wagered on or on the bonus feature.

Once the round is over, the screen changes to show players the outcome. The payouts for the game depend on the brand of car you have chosen and its color.

Bonus Features of Flash Track Slot

Bonus imageOne of the most intriguing aspects of Flash Track is that it is a multiplayer game, which introduces a social element to the gameplay. This factor also explains the presence of the countdown clock. Apart from this, the game boasts several interesting features starting with the jackpot symbol which gives you the opportunity to win a huge prize.

However, the exact jackpot amount changes depending on the size of your bet in relation to the overall amount wagered by all players. The basic principle is the higher your wager, the bigger chances you stand to scoop the pot.

There are two wilds here, which further increases the excitement this game delivers. The color wild reward icons of the same color while the brand wild rewards icons that contain luxury cars of the same model.

The Flash Hit symbol is of special interest because it randomly triggers one of four different effects. The Free Light effect lights up one or two additional cars on the roulette track. The Prize Train effect lights up one to six extra cars on the board.

The Grand Giveaway makes it so that all icons on the track light up. Finally, there is the Wipeout effect, which is of no use whatsoever because it lights up nothing. In addition to these features, players can also make use of the Autoplay feature which enables them to repeat their current betting specifications for 5, 10, 25, and 50 laps around the roulette track.

Our Verdict

At first look, Flash Track seems confusing and kind of cluttered, not to mention it deviates significantly from the gameplay slot fans are accustomed to. Nonetheless, the game is incredibly exciting once you get the hang of it. The multiplayer feature is a novelty which introduces a social element to Flash Track, something you will never find in a conventional slot.