FaFaFa 2 Slot Review

FaFaFa 2 Slot Review

FaFaFa 2 is a beautifully simple video slot that is worth giving a once-over, especially if you insist on playing a game where the intricacies of modern slots are done away with. It has three reels and a single payline, and it comes as a sequence of FaFaFa that is yet another title from Spadegaming’s portfolio that made waves among slot mavens. The bet values slot mavens are allowed to go for are more likely to match the preferences of less risk-averse players because they start at $0,20 and are capped at $150.

Still, the software developers have decided to refine FaFaFa 2 by adding an extra twist to the gameplay. The presence of a wild symbol, as well as win multipliers, might turn out to be the needed ingredients for an exhilarating gaming experience, without missing out on payouts.

FaFaFa 2 Slot Summary
Provider Spadegaming
Paylines 1 payline
RTP 97.12%
Minimum Bet $0,20
Maximum Bet $150
Wild Symbol Acts instead of all other symbols
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Win multipliers of x2 or x3
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of FaFaFa 2 Slot

Winning CombinationsBeing a one-way slot, FaFaFa 2 does not offer the traditional reel setup players might have used to seeing while reveling in some of the other slots available on the market. In fact, the software developers from Spadegaming have decided to retain the simplicity of the original but to refashion its layout in order to make it easier on the eye.

The reels are set against a red background that is a bit blurred. Right below them, players will notice a pile of ancient Chinese coins. The reels are boxed off using golden rings and have a white background, which makes it exceptionally easy to keep track of the symbols that will show up as the reels get in motion.

Playing FaFaFa 2 does not require any special preparation because the only thing slot buffs should be aware of is that they will score a win each time three identical symbols pop up on the single payline.

One of the symbols that can land as soon as you set the reels in motion are 8s. A payout that is worth 45x your line bet will be awarded when three 8s align on the payline. The oranges are also among the high-value symbols as the payout you will collect will be worth 30x your line bet, provided that three such icons emerge together.

The Mahjong tiles also grant a payout that is determined by the quantity of the tiles that are depicted in the icon. The group of three Mahjong tiles will bring you a win that is 15x your wager, while the group of two such tiles guarantees a balance boost of 9x the wager you have made. There is also an icon that features a single tile, and it brings a payout of 6x your line bet.

A payout will be awarded also on the occasions when you see a mixed combination of low-value icons that have Mahjong tiles depicted on them. On such occasions, the payout you will bag will be 3x the stake you have made. Please keep in mind that these rewards are given, provided that you have selected the highest level.

Bonus Features of FaFaFa 2 Slot

Bonus imageWhat might motivate some slot buffs to give FaFaFa 2 a chance is that the game offers much more than the regular wins we mentioned above. Although this video slot does not have a special feature or at least not what we are used to seeing in most modern slots, players will benefit from wild symbols and win boosters.

The wild symbol is represented by a sycee, and it does not have any uncommon duties as it can stand for all symbols we already elaborated on. What is more, players can bag greater awards as the wild symbol gives an x2 or x3 win multiplier. Thus, when players have managed to score a major win, they will see fireworks, and the amount they will pocket will be displayed in front of the reels.

Virtual players who have got bored of hitting the spin button might be keen on the opportunity to take advantage of the autoplay mode. It might turn out to be a bit challenging to enjoy yourself while playing FaFaFa 2, which is the reason why you should consider making use of the turbo mode.

Our Verdict

Spadegaming’s FaFaFa 2 is certainly worth taking a shot at, especially if you do not enjoy slots with overly complicated gameplay and bonus features. Fortunately, the game is not void of any extra thrill as the wild symbol will help you score bigger wins rather frequently. FaFaFa 2 poses as a great alternative also if you have a rather small budget as the bet limits range between $0,20 and $150.