City Slot Review

City Slot Review

Does the idea to travel around the world and explore new destinations appeal to you? If you have answered this question affirmatively, SmartSoft Gaming’s City slot can help you get on a rare tour to New York, Paris, Rome, France, or several other places. The quality of the imagery is beyond impeccable, while the gameplay will be equally smooth, no matter if reel spinner will choose to play on their computer or handheld device.

City plays across five reels, while the ways in which wins are awarded is where things get quite interesting. The re-spins and rounds of free spins this slot offers undoubtedly make it a crowd-pleaser.

Perhaps, the main reason why City might turn into an immediate attention-getter for reel spinners is the maximum payoff of 480,000 coins they can walk away with if luck smiles upon them.

City Slot Summary
Provider SmartSoft Gaming
Paylines From 135 to 1,875 ways to win
RTP 95.80%
Minimum Bet $0,20
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol The wild icon arrives exclusively on the second, third, and fourth reels and can act instead of all other symbols
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Free spins
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of City Slot

Winning CombinationsBoasting beautiful visuals and slick design, City is an enticing video slot, thanks to which players can embark on a journey to some of the most preferred destinations by tourists. The game is set somewhere in the wilderness, as there is a swift-flowing river in the background, as well as multiple trees. The symbols will appear against a scroll or a map on which numerous animated fluffy clouds will drift by.

The green foliage swings lightly in the wind, while the exotic bird, which is standing on a tree on the right-hand side of the reels will spread its wings from time to time and will sing. On the other side of the reels, players will see a tourist who is ready to accompany you on your adventures around the world.

If players decide to embark on this adventure to some of the most exciting and busy cities, they will immediately notice that the set-up of the reel matrix is out of the common run. When they first load the game, players will notice that its engine features five reels and five rows, but the biggest peculiarity is that initially, some of the positions will be blank.

Players should pack their luggage for a long journey, and the symbols that will arrive on the screen will show them the destinations they will visit. The images of the Parthenon in Athens, popular pagoda houses in Tokyo, the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio De Janeiro, Opera House in Sydney, and the Great Wall in Beijing are the least rewarding symbols because a match of five of them will produce a payoff of 20 credits.

The Cathedral in Barcelona makes for wins of 40 credits, provided that it appears five times across the reels, while the Eiffel Tower generates payouts of 60 credits, provided that the winning combo is made up of five such icons. There are also the Colosseum and the pyramids of Cairo that are worth visiting as well because they will help reel spinners collect rewards of 80 and 100 credits, respectively.

In order to qualify for a win of 200 credits, players should see five images of the Statue of Liberty. Players’ bankroll will swell with 400 coins if they see five images of Big Ben Tower to arrive simultaneously.

Bonus Features of City Slot

Bonus imageAs we already said, City is a slot, which has a slightly unusual reel set-up due to the fact that initially, only 13 of all positions will be taken up by icons. Once players set the reels in motion and a winning combination is formed, they will be awarded a re-spin, and symbols will be added to two of the empty positions. Besides, the number of ways in which winning combos can be completed will be boosted further.

There is a ceiling of five re-spins that slot buffs can benefit from. After the first re-spin, the ways to win will be 135, and they will be boosted to 405, 675, 1,125, and 1,875, provided that players activate all five re-spins. No matter the case, winning a turn will be possible for matches of three, four, or five symbols of the same breed.

What players might not be that pleased to hear is that no matter if they have enjoyed one or several re-spins, if a turn does not result in a win, the reel set-up will be returned to its original form, meaning that they will need to start uncovering the blank positions anew.

In order for players to unlock the free spins feature City has on offer, they should go through all five re-spins. If they achieve this, they will be awarded 8 rounds of free spins during which completing winning combos will be possible in 3,125 ways.

The game makers from SmartSoft Gaming have facilitated the completion of winning combos a bit by adding a wild symbol to the pay scale of this video slot. The image of a snow-capped mountain in front of which WILD reads can arrive on the reels in the main game, as well as after the activation of the 8 free rounds. It can be used in the place of all symbols we enumerated above, but seeing the wild symbols is not possible on the first and last reel.

Our Verdict

City is a SmartSoft Gaming-run video slot, which entices with its theme, as well as with its unusual set-up of the reel engine. Players might find the game exceptionally entertaining and might anticipate eagerly the activation of new positions on the reels. Making it to the point at which the bunch of free rounds is awarded might be slightly challenging, but getting a handful of rounds at no cost is certainly a good incentive.