Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin Slot Review

Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin

Gamzix is a software developer that is relatively new to the iGaming scene that continues to impress with its attention to detail and the excellent quality of the games in general, with Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin being one of the latest additions to the provider’s catalog.

Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin is a 5-reel slot that is set in the beautiful American wilderness, as we can see from the game’s icon illustrations and the painting that serves as the slot’s backdrop. The user interface is intuitive, and more than half of the game’s icons are works of art depicting animals like the grizzly bear, the American bald eagle, and more.

Playing Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin can be quite rewarding thanks to the Free Games feature of the slot, and players can also look forward to a Bonus Game that can be very lucrative.

Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin Slot Summary
Provider Gamzix
Paylines 20
RTP 96.3%
Minimum Bet 0.2
Maximum Bet 400
Wild Symbol Buffalo Wild
Scatter Symbol Sctatter
Bonus Feature Free Spins, Bonus Game, Buy Bonus
Jackpot x5200

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin

Winning CombinationsBuffalo Ice: Hold The Spin’s symbols feature intricate illustrations of wild animals that can be found in the nature reserves and forests of the North American continent, as well as a set of icons that are based on the values J through A of classic playing card decks. The said card symbols also serve as the icons with the most modest payouts.

Any casino maven who lands a 3-copy combination on a payline will receive their wager x0.40, while wins achieved via 4 copies of the same icon net a win of 0.80x a player’s stake. The highest possible win a player can receive with these card icons is their bet times 2, provided that 5-of-the-same icons land on a given payline.

Onto the icons with better payouts, we will start with the American Bald Eagle. This iconic symbol rewards players with their wagers x1 whenever 4 illustrations form a winning combination on the reels. Casino aficionados who are lucky enough to see 5 copies of the American Bald Eagle will walk away with their bet x4.

The next majestic animal illustrated in Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin is the Lynx, and if a total of 4 icons form a payline win, the player is rewarded with their stake x1.20. As for 5-reel wins, the total win has a value of an individual’s wager times 6.

Next, we have the Wolf, whose paytable showcases that 4 copies of this symbol results in the player winning x1.60 their wager. Wins achieved with 5 copies of this icon, however, net an individual’s bet times 8.

Players should know that the icons we have covered thus far all have the same payout of x0.40 for 3-reel winning combinations. This trend does not continue as we reach Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin’s Grizzly Bear symbol. This animal species tends to tower over most of the creatures that can be found in American forests, and the slot’s paytable seems to reflect this. If you land a 3-copy win and the icon in question is the Bear, you will receive your wager x1. If you find yourself seeing a total of 4 copies of this icon on a payline, you will receive your wager x2.50. Finally, the highest possible winning combination of the Grizzly Bear awards x12 your stake.

The true king of the animal icons in this slot is the Buffalo Wild symbol. Its payouts start at 2x the bet for 3 copies, and getting a 4-icon combination pays out the bet x4. The biggest reward granted by the Buffalo Wild is the player’s bet x15. As suggested, the icon in question also happens to be this slot’s Wild. It substitutes for the rest of the symbols, the only exceptions being the icons labeled as Scatter, along with the coin symbol.

Speaking of which, Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin’s scatter illustrates a beautiful landscape, and it features the highest payouts in the game. Three scatters grant a player their bet x2. As for 4-copy wins, they grant a win of 20x the wager, while the highest possible winning combination is composed out of 5 scatters and awards a player’s bet times 200. Since this icon is Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin’s scatter, it also rewards 8, 10, or 12 free spins depending on how many such icons land on the slot’s layout. The final icon players will witness while playing Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin is the Coin. This icon is available during the Free Spins mode as well as in the base game.

Bonus Features of Buffalo Ice: Hold The Spin

Bonus imageBuffalo Ice: Hold The Spin’s first feature is the Free Spins mode, which has an interesting peculiarity that makes gameplay all the more thrilling. Namely, players will be excited to learn that the card icons are not present during free spins. Instead, only the animal icons may land, as well as the Buffalo Wild and a unique blue Coin icon that is tied to another bonus mode.

To trigger Free Spins, players need to see at least 3 Scatters on the slot’s layout. The position of the scatter icons does not matter, as they must simply land on the reels for a user to be granted access to the free games. Three Scatters grant 8 free spins, while 4 and 5 copies of the Scatter reward players with 10 and 12 free games, respectively. Players who are eager to play the Free Spins mode may also opt for this slot’s Buy Free Spins feature.

The Bonus Game is another special game mode. During the base game or the Free Spins mode, a total of 5 blue coins must land on the slot’s layout for this mode to be triggered. When the Bonus Game is activated, any bonus symbol that lands on the reels remains in its spot until the mode ends. Upon gaining access to the Bonus Game, players receive 3 respins, and any additional Coin icons reset the counter back to 3. In the end, the given player’s win is calculated from the values of all the bonus symbols. In addition, when a series of Coin icons manage to form lines, players win one of three jackpots that vary in size. Getting a Mini jackpot is achieved when you land 1 line of bonus symbols, while 2 lines of Coin icons grant a Major jackpot. Finally, if the entire slot layout is completely full of Coins, the player in question receives the Mega jackpot.

Our Verdict

Buffalo Ice: Hold the Spin is a fantastic combination of familiar slot gameplay combined with fun features that enhance the experience. The overall aesthetic is pleasant to the eye, and Gamzix has made sure that the animations are smooth and that the sound effects and background music fit the overall atmosphere well. Buffalo Ice: Hold the Spin’s user interface, gameplay, and extra features combine into a slot that will reward players with plenty of exciting moments.