Boss the Lotto Review

Boss the Lotto Review

If you are tired from the repetitiveness of slots and you wish to explore another way to rack up winnings, G Games got you covered. The software provider is offering the game Boss the Lotto which will allow you to enjoy a thrilling and fruitful experience if luck is on your side.

You will have the chance to pick from 49 balls, each of which hides either a prize or a bad surprise. If you enjoy risky games, Boss the Lotto will keep you on your toes having you predict where the cash prizes are hidden. The more you are willing to risk, the better the payout might turn out to be.

Boss the Lotto Summary
Provider G Games
Paylines N/A
RTP 94.50%
Min Bet 0.5
Max Bet 200
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features N/A
Jackpot If you reveal all the good balls, you will win the jackpot of the game.

How to Play of Boss the Lotto

Winning CombinationsBoss the Lotto is very easy to play and you will have no issue handling your betting experience and have fun with this attention-grabbing game. Once you have settled for a certain bet size, you will see 49 different balls on the screen.

In order to enjoy a win, all you will have to do is reveal balls that hide cash prizes. You can click on balls individually and reveal what they are covering one at a time. The other option is to swipe several balls at once and have them all turn over. Keep in mind that among the 49 balls, there are 6 randomly picked balls that will hide bombs that will cost you your bet and current winnings.

If you are on a winning streak and you do not feel like continuing to risk your money, you can always cash out your current prize and stop playing before you reveal a bomb. As long as you uncover a single winning ball, you will have the option to cash out and enjoy your win. If you wish to continue and see if you can uncover all the good balls of the game, you can simply choose from the other balls on the screen.

Bonus Features of Boss the Lotto

Bonus imageWhile Boss the Lotto is a pretty straight-forward game, there is one feature that may attract many players. As it was mentioned before, the game has 49 different balls, 6 of which are bad. The remaining 43, however, will bring you cash prizes. If you succeed in turning all of the 43 winning balls of Boss the Lotto, you will land the jackpot award of the game. Keep in mind, however, that even one bad ball will end the game and you will lose all of your winnings and the chance of sweeping the jackpot prize.

The bigger your bet it, the more generous the potential jackpot is going to be. The amount you will have the chance to win after revealing all 43 balls of the game will be shown at the bottom of the playscreen.

When you start the game, you will also see the potential win for every upcoming good ball. Below the balls, there will be a bar that will move towards the jackpot sum with every successful reveal of a winning ball. This will reveal your progress and how close you are to the jackpot prize.

Before the game begins, you will be able to choose the amount you will be willing to bet. You can opt for a very reasonable bet or wager quite the amount which may bring you major winnings.

On the top left corner of the playscreen, you will see the Options button which will allow you to control the sound effects and background music of the game and turn them off or on. This button will also show the rules of the game that will also reveal detailed information about the game’s average return and functions.

Our Verdict

If you decide to try something new, you can try betting on Boss the Lotto by G Games. This lotto betting game will award generous prizes if you are lucky and manage to distinguish the good balls from the bad ones. Those who reveal all of 43 good balls will definitely have a reason to celebrate as they will enjoy the bountiful jackpot of Boss the Lotto.