Aztec Adventure Slot Review

Aztec Adventure Slot Review

Aztec Adventure is a video slot with an impressive visual presentation that will take you straight to thick jungles where immense treasure troves are waiting to be unearthed. Its reels are positioned over a 3×3 board, while the win lines it boasts are a total of 27.

Aztec Treasure does not go without any special icons as virtual players are enabled to tap into a wild and a scatter icon that will help them achieve huge wins in a rather quick fashion. Virtual players will get even more fruitful results once they kick off the free spins feature.

Aztec Adventure Slot Summary
Provider BF Games
Paylines 27 ways to win
RTP 96.22%
Minimum Bet $0,10
Maximum Bet $200
Wild Symbol The silver coin can play the role of all other characters but the gold coin
Scatter Symbol Three silver coins award 15 free rounds
Bonus Features Free spins feature and the gamble feature
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Aztec Adventure Slot

Winning CombinationsAztec Adventure is a topping video slot that will allow slot mavens to explore the endless jungles on their own, to discover their secrets, and potentially, to bag overwhelming wins. The healthy green foliage that can be seen behind the reels will make you feel as though you saunter into the jungles.

The stone statue that is holding the reel board is here to point slot mavens the way forward to the Aztec golds. Thus, each time players hit the spin button, they will see how the statue starts turning the reels around, thus exposing the potential winning combinations. The background music perfectly matches the theme as players will hear mysterious music, monkeys that keep on gibbering, and birds singing.

In Aztec Adventure, all characters that will come into view on the reels are corresponding to the theme. The paytable of this video slot features a total of eight regular icons, four of which are of low limit. The least beneficial characters are the ancient coins that have different symbols portrayed on them. A series of three such symbols make for a win that is worth x100 your wager.

Slot lovers will enjoy much larger prizes, on condition that they see a combination of three identical Aztec masks. The least rewarding of them is the blue one, and it is followed by the purple, and turquoise one. The best profit is offered by the red Aztec mask as a sequence of three such characters will bring about an increase in your bankroll that is worth 1,000x your wager.

Aside from these ordinary characters, Aztec Adventure is tooled up with a scatter and a wild icon. The wild symbol is represented by a unique gold coin, while the role of the scatter one is given to a silver coin. When the wild character is concerned, slot mavens will snag a payout of x4,000, given that three gold coins emerge after the reels stop spinning.

Bonus Features of Aztec Adventure Slot

Bonus imageThe special features of Aztec Adventure are what make playing this video slot a truly bountiful enterprise. The free spins feature will be revealed as soon as virtual players see how three scatter characters pop up simultaneously. The secrets of the wild jungles will be exposed during the 15 bonus rounds slot mavens will be endowed with right away. This bonus feature will be switched on once more if another three silver coins show up together.

What should be mentioned about the wild character is that it can help you produce winning combinations because it can perform the action of all other symbols, except the scatter one. Additionally, a single one wild icon can land per reel, and wild and scatter characters cannot show up on the same reel.

Another outstanding feature of this video slot is that virtual players will have their profit tripled whenever they see that the reels are filled up with one and the same low-value icons.

Aztec Adventure is also tooled up with the gamble feature, which becomes available after scoring a win. Opting for it will mean that virtual players will be prompted to pick one of the clay tumblers where they think the golden coins are hidden. Hitting the mark would mean that your profit will be doubled straight away, while making a wrong guess would mean that your winnings will be voided.

Our Verdict

Aztec Adventure is a video slot that intrigues with its unusual visual appearance. Still, slot mavens are unlikely to wish to try it out for that reason alone because the game is tooled up with a free spins feature, as well as the gamble feature that can make for ample rewards.