Apollo Slot Review

Apollo Slot Review

The creators of gaming content from SmartSoft Gaming have decided to take players on a mission to the Moon together with a team of astronauts with the fabled Apollo spacecraft. This five-reel and three-row slot takes players on a space adventure back to the times when astronauts have just landed on the surface of the Moon.

What it takes to embark on this adventure is making a stake of at least $0,25 and a maximum of $500, and waiting for the spacecraft to go into the open space.

Once the ship starts flying, reel spinners will get the chance to trigger two exclusive bonus games that are easily the centerpiece of this video slot. There is also the buy-bonus functionality, which can make things a lot easier for players as it will give them immediate access to the chosen bonus functionality.

Apollo Slot Summary
Provider SmartSoft Gaming
Paylines 243 ways to win
RTP 98%
Minimum Bet $0,25
Maximum Bet $500
Wild Symbol It cannot act as a substitute for other power symbols, but only the regular ones
Scatter Symbols Three or more burning Sun scatter icons are needed in order to unlock the bonus game
Bonus Features Two different bonus games and a buy-bonus feature
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Apollo Slot

Winning CombinationsThe reels look as if they hover above the lunar surface because they lack a casing and are neither boxed off. As for the symbols that will pop up across the game window, and the ones with a smaller value, in particular, the software provider has been seeking to show some inventiveness and has picked the letters from the name of the game to serve this purpose.

All letters from the name of the spacecraft produce the same prize when they appear on the game board, and the biggest wins of 70 credits fall when there are five examples of the same letter on the screen.

While evaluating the prizes icons produce, reel spinners will notice that the space transmitter and the astronaut helmet are more rewarding in comparison with the letters from the name of this slot, and the awarded rewards will reach 100 and 120 credits that are given for five matches.

It is possible for players to form winning combinations after they get three or more lunar roving vehicles or space satellites simultaneously. This time, the wins reel spinners should anticipate getting if five of a kind is formed will be worth 150 and 200 credits, respectively.

Obviously, the game makers from SmartSoft Gaming give their best to keep their finger on the pulse of space innovations because the other best-paying icon in Apollo is inspired by SpaceX’s launch of a cherry-red Tesla in space. Getting five of these symbols at once means your bankroll will see an increase of 500 credits. The most rewarding symbol is the one, which shows the footprint of the astronaut on the lunar surface and the white flag. If there are five footprint images on the screen as soon as the reels cease rotating, players will be entitled to collect wins of 1,000 credits.

The look of the bonus symbols in Apollo tie with the space theme because the scatter icon is represented by the image of the burning Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. The last power icon is the wild one, where WILD reads against a grey background.

Bonus Features of Apollo Slot

Bonus imageAs they hit the spin button, players should keep an eye out for spacecraft, which stands on the left-hand side of the game board, and more specifically, the game logo. The ship’s inscription will be gradually illuminated, which is when the spacecraft will start flying. The prize reel spinners will be entitled to get is not preset, and it will be determined after the spacecraft starts its journey back to Earth.

When the spacecraft starts flying, a meter of players’ winnings will emerge on the right-hand side of the reels, thus allowing them to keep track of the amount they will collect. The value of the meter will stop increasing once the spacecraft starts losing power and ultimately falls.

Reel spinners might be anticipating eagerly the activation of the bonus game, which occurs when three or more burning Sun bonus symbols are noticed together. Throughout this bonus feature, a special three-drum engine around which the planets from the Solar System are placed will emerge. Players will qualify for a prize, given that the symbol the pointer ultimately stops at is the same as one of the symbols that have appeared across the three drums.

If there is a match between the planet the pointer has stopped at and the ones that are displayed on the drums, players will be awarded a prize, which is based on the particular symbol. Aside from the planets that are part of the Solar system, the pointer might also stop at EXIT, which is when players will be deprived of one of the tries they have initially qualified for.

As far as the number of times players will be allowed to trigger the drums, it will be based upon the number of burning Sun scatter symbols that have triggered the bonus game. Thus, reel spinners will benefit from 3 attempts if the bonus feature is triggered with five scatter symbols, while 2 attempts are given when there were four burning Sun scatter symbols on the screen at the same time. If there were just three scatter symbols, slot buffs can only set the drums in motion once.

Players who are rather impatient to put the bonus functionalities of Apollo through their paces can make use of the buy-bonus feature, which renders them reachable straight away.

Our Verdict

Apollo is an engaging video slot, which greets reel spinners on the board of the spacecraft that made it possible for the first people to land on the Moon. This game does not only give payers the chance to explore the stars and the planets but also to amass a fortune of their own, thanks to its innovative and lucrative bonus functionalities that will make the mission even more enthralling.