Amaterasu Keno Review

Amaterasu Keno Review

Amaterasu Keno is an upcoming keno title developed by Mascot Gaming, set for release at the end of January 2020. Visually, Amaterasu Keno is very appealing, utilizing good colors and animations. Moreover, the game embraces its Asian origins and presents us with a calming background of blossoming trees. Playing Amaterasu Keno is quite cheap, with bet limits ranging between $0.10 and $5.00 per game. In this review, we will explore this new addition to the keno genre and see if it is worth your time and money.

Amaterasu Keno Summary
Software Provider Mascot Gaming
Paylines N/A
RTP not published
Minimum Bet $0.01
Maximum Bet $5.00
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Free Games, Multiplier
Jackpot max win x1,000,000

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Amaterasu Keno

Winning CombinationsAmaterasu Keno is quite unlike most other games of chance that you will find in the iGaming scene. While completely based on chance like slots, Amaterasu Keno does not have any symbols in the same sense. Instead, there are 80 numbers in the game and you get to choose 10 of them as you wish. You can do it yourself if you have specific preferences or lucky numbers, or you can have the game do it for you at random. Once you have chosen, the game will pick 20 numbers at random and if you have guessed correctly some of the picks, you stand to earn a reward.

The payout ratio is different, depending on how many numbers you got right. The more correct picks, the larger the reward. Assuming that you have picked all 10 numbers, the minimum qualifying number of correct picks is 4, which will earn you even money. From then on, five and six correct picks will net you x2 and x25, respectively. If you have had enough luck to guess seven or eight numbers right, the game will reward you with a payout of x150 and x1,000, respectively. Those who have the good fortune of choosing nine correct numbers stand to win x5,000 the original stake. The largest prize is reserved for players who correctly guess all ten numbers for which they will receive x100,000, which is simply mind-boggling.

Bonus Features of Amaterasu Keno

Bonus imageThere are certain features that you will no doubt be interested in and below, we will do a quick rundown of the most important ones. The Lucky Number feature is first on our list and it will affect the base gameplay quite a bit once it triggers. Basically, after you have made your choice, the game will select three Lucky Numbers, which cannot be those you chose. If you score a win and the game also hits one of the Lucky Numbers, you will get the benefit of a multiplier. The multipliers are x1, x3, and x5, based on the number of Lucky Numbers hit.

Free games can be triggered in Amaterasu Keno, as long as you have luck on your side. The game will note which the last number of the 20 random picks is. If that number coincides with one of your choices, then you will receive 5 free games. The free games are played at the triggering bet level and you can also win more free games during this round. Additionally, the Lucky Number feature is also available in free games with increased multipliers. This time around, you will benefit from multipliers of x2, x6, and x10, following the same logic as in the base game.


Overall, Amaterasu Keno is quite interesting and will no doubt please the keno crowd. The software provider has done a great job in making the game graphically appealing. This is especially important since the main imagery is mostly static and does not change much. Gameplaywise, this game is what you would expect and if you like this genre, then you should look out for Amaterasu Keno when you visit your online casino.