7up! Slot Review

7up Slot Review

Many players who enjoy betting on slots are especially thrilled when they have the opportunity to play a classic slot. As fruit machines are the type of gambling entertainment many enjoy, G Games has decided to launch 7up. Those who wish to make more reasonable bets and still have the chance to land decent payouts will definitely find this slot entertaining.

The game of 7up is comprised of 7 lines with 3 reels and players receive a payout when 3 identical symbols land on one of the paying lines. It is extremely simple to play 7up and while there is nothing pretentious about this slot, it can still be very fun and generous.

7up! Slot Summary
Provider G Games
Paylines 7
RTP 92.09%
Min Bet 0.02
Max Bet 700
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features N/A
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of 7up! Slot

Winning CombinationsIf you have bet on classic fruit machines, you have probably seen most of the symbols that are used in 7up. As a way to stay true to the old-school charm of slot machines, 7up has decided to use neon fruit symbols and other icons that are typical for the classic slot machines.

The lowest-paying symbols of the game are the cherries and the lemon which will pay 1x your line bet when you match either of these fruits 3 times on a single line. If you get 3 identical symbols of a banana, a pineapple, grapes or a watermelon, you will respectively win 2, 4, 5 or 10 times your line bet. These conclude all of the fruit symbols of 7up which award low to middle-range payouts when they appear 3 times on a payline.

The other symbols of the slot will offer better winnings when they land 3 times on a payline. They include a horseshoe, a clover, a diamond and a bell which will respectively award 20, 50, 100 and 200 times your line bet. The two symbols you should definitely be on the lookout for are the BAR icon and the purple neon 7. The BAR symbol pays 1,000x your line bet if it is matched 3 times on a payline and the 7 will pay the biggest prize of 10,000x your bet.

Bonus Features of 7up! Slot

Bonus imageThe rules of play of 7up are pretty straight-forward and there is nothing way too complex about the game. Unfortunately, true to classic slots, it does not incorporate Wild or Scatter symbols and the only way to enjoy a payout is when you match 3 identical symbols on an active payline.

You will be able to easily set up the amount you are willing to bet and you can opt for a very reasonable bet or wager more to increase your chances of landing better winnings. Since the game is comprised of 7 lines, you can choose to bet only on 1 line or opt for more lines. Of course, you can increase your winning chances by betting on all of the 7 lines. The total amount you will bet on every spin will be seen on the bottom of the playscreen.

If you feel like the game is too slow for you, there is the Turbo button that can reveal the symbols on the positions faster and will allow you to enjoy your winnings at a faster pace. You will have a Prize section across each of the 7 lines which will show you the payout for each line, while your total prize can be seen at the bottom of the playscreen.

On the bottom left corner, you will have a button that will allow you to turn off/on the background music and the sound effects incorporated in the game. In this section of the game, you will also be able to see the rules of play and the paytable for each symbol of 7up.

Our Verdict

There is not much to say about 7up as this is a pretty simple classic slot that will award a payout when you land 3 identical symbols. With adjustable 7 paylines, you can choose between staking a very small amount or opt for a riskier bet. Whatever your choice will be, you can have a wonderful time playing 7up by G Games.