Mines Crypto Game

Mines Crypto Game

As the online gambling industry is constantly evolving and offering new products to players, crypto mini games have become something that many players enjoy. With the number of crypto-friendly casinos growing significantly, you can find plenty of websites offering a wide range of crypto games. One of the titles that are commonly found at crypto casinos is Mines by Spribe.

The main goal of Spribe is to offer online players a brand-new gaming experience, with the games the provider created being provably fair. That allows any player to verify the fairness of every past result and make sure the results in Mines are always free of any bias.

While the game is far from being complicated, it requires a certain level of risk, as sweeping potentially higher payouts is possible only if players take a risk and continue playing the game. While Mines is all about players making their choice for every move they take on the game’s grid, there is also an Autoplay feature that can allow players to play several rounds with the same pattern.

A live chat option will allow players to communicate with fellow Mines players. What is more, free bets can often be awarded in the live chat so you are advised to always keep an eye out for random messages giving out free bets.

Crypto Mines Details
Developer Spribe
RTP 97.00%
Volatility Low – Medium
Provably Fair check Yes
Bet range $0.10 – $100 per bet
Chat feature Yes
Multiplayer mode No
Max win $10,000.00

How to Play Crypto Mines

How to Play Crypto MinesPlaying Mines by Spribe is extremely easy and chances are, you have already played similar games in your childhood. Unlike games like Aviator, Mines is played individually by each player, allowing you to make decisions and enjoy the fruits of your predictions. This crypto mini game will display a 5×5 grid, with each tile on the grid hiding either a gold star or a mine. Your goal is to discover some or all gold stars on the grid without revealing a mine.

Before you start playing the game, you will need to set up your bet, with players having the chance to wager anywhere between $0.10 and $100 per gaming round. Once you set up your bet size, you will notice that the game will show you what is the profit for your next correct guess of star placement on the grid. The potential return for each upcoming round will increase proportionally, with the general multiplier applied to your stake being determined by the number of mines included in the game.

When you set up your bet size, you can also choose the number of mines hidden behind the game’s tiles. The more mines you choose to play with, the riskier the game becomes, which will significantly increase the potential return on correct guesses. Whenever you are ready with your bet amount and setting on mines, you can press the BET button and start a new gaming round. You can select any tile you wish to reveal or you can press the button “Random” to have the game choose a random tile instead of you.

As we already mentioned, you can reveal only a few gold star symbols and finish the game as a winner. After each correct guess, you will see the potential return you can enjoy if you decide to cash out at that specific moment. If you want to continue looking for gold stars and you are confident about revealing only lucky symbols, you can keep on choosing tiles. Be careful, however, as landing a mine will put an end to the gaming round and you will lose your bet and any potential return you would have enjoyed had you cashed out in the previous round.

Features of Crypto Mines

Features Included in Crypto MinesEven though Mines is a rather straightforward game to play, it also incorporates a few features in its gameplay, giving players the chance to improve their Mines experience. As mentioned above, you can adjust the number of mines to improve your winning odds. If you just want to let the game decide each move, you can simply press the button that says “Random”. Each time you opt for this feature, the game will pick a random tile on the screen. Since the choice will always be free of any bias, letting the game reveal random tiles does not mean that you will not risk hitting a mine and losing the gaming round.

Another feature that players may utilize when they do not feel like pressing tiles over and over again is the Auto Game. If you activate this mode of Mines, you will be allowed to pick a pattern by selecting tiles on the screen. You can choose to mark only a few positions on the screen or opt for a pattern that will leave space only for the possible mines. Once you are done with your pattern, you can press the Auto Bet button, which will prompt you to select the number of rounds to play with the set pattern.

Mines features

The Auto Bet menu of Mines will also allow players to adjust other settings such as stopping the feature if the balance drops below a certain amount or when winnings reach a specific cap. Additional settings can stop the Auto Bet feature if the balance surpasses a specific amount. Those who enjoy betting patterns can also set a percentage to decrease or increase their bet amount if there is a win or a loss.

Even though Mines is played individually by each player, like other crypto games, it also has a social element. Thanks to a live chat feature, players can communicate with fellow Mines fans, making the whole experience a lot more fun. In the live chat section, players can also redeem free bets, which may be given randomly to chat members, with a feature like Rain Promo encouraging more interactions in the chat.

Variations of Crypto Mines

Variations of Crypto MinesIf you join a crypto casino, there is a big chance to come across a variation of Mines, provided either by another software company specializing in provably fair games or by the crypto casino. One such variation is Mines by Turbo Games, offering a pretty much identical gaming experience.

Mines by Turbo Games will allow players to choose the number of mines, with the least risky grid containing only two mines. Just as it is with the Spribe version, the return on the following correct guess is determined by the risk level you play with. If you have unveiled gems, you can choose to cash out at any point before you hit a mine. Changing the number of mines will naturally affect the volatility of Mines, giving you better chances for smaller wins when the number of mines is significantly lower.

The game also provides statistics, which change with every move you take in the game. With every gem that you reveal on the grid, you will notice the percentage of discovering a mine increasing. This may be helpful to determine when it is the best time to cash out and enjoy your profit.

Like the version by Spribe, this variation of Mines supports an Autoplay feature. You can choose a specific pattern, which can be automatically applied to the next few rounds. You can also choose to end the autoplay at a certain point of decreased or increased budget.

Mines by Turbo Games is also a provably fair title, which means players can check the fairness of every result in the game. If you check the section displaying all the best made by other players, you can click on any player and view the hash for the said game round. The same feature can also be utilized for your bets by loading the sections with your previous wagers made in Mines. Click on any of the results and you will view the operator seed, your seed, and the result of the game, proving the fairness of the game.

Provably Fair Technology and RTP

Provably Fair Technology and RTPMines is a game utilizing provably fair technology, which can be used by players at any time to confirm the fairness of every result. Instead of each round’s result being determined by the operator’s servers, each player placing bets on Mines will also participate in the process of determining the random result in every round of the game.

The way the provably fair feature works in Mines is by combining a server seed and a seed generated on the device of players who bet on Mines. When the two seeds are combined, they create a hash, which is then transformed into a decimal number that corresponds to a specific outcome.

The first half of the hash that players can see is generated on the operator’s servers, with the hash changing on every new round. Not only will players be able to view the seed for the current round but they will also see the operator’s seed for the following round.

Mines Crypto Game

The second half of the hash is generated on your device when you decide to play Mines and you can change the client seed at any time. When the two strings are combined, you will get the entire hash, which will then determine the result of the gaming round. You can check these seeds at any time by selecting the Provably Fair section of the game’s menu.

As for the potential return of the game, you will have a rather decent RTP of 97% while playing Mines. This is a rate, which is higher than the player return that many video slots are offering, which means Mines is a rather good option to play for real money. When we talk about the volatility of Mines, we can conclude that it ranges between low and medium as the number of mines changes the potential of landing smaller but more regular wins.

Multiplayer and Social Elements in Crypto Mines

Multiplayer and Social ElementsUnlike games like Aviator where you will join other players in the journey of winning money while playing, in Mines, you will play on your own. Instead of waiting for a new round to begin to be able to play, you will adjust all betting settings of the game and start playing whenever you are ready.

Even though Mines is a single-player game, that does not mean the social aspect of crypto games is not present while you are looking for gold stars. Since the game has a live chat feature, you will have the opportunity to communicate with other casino players who have also chosen to play Mines.

Crypto Mines features

While the chat feature provides a cool way to connect to other people enjoying the same game that you do, it is also an essential part of winning free bets. Thanks to the Rain Promo tool, you might see a streak of free bets given to random players in the chat. This is often done to encourage more activity among the chat community as players must claim free bets when they see them posted in the chat.

As you can see, although Mines is a single-player game, it offers the chance to share your experience and even enjoy special rewards for being a part of the chat community of Mines.

Top 10 Crypto Casinos to Play Crypto Mines

  1. Wild.io

    Play NowVisit Wild.io Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    0.0002 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    3 BTC per week
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    Crypto - a few minutes
    • Virtual casino catering specifically to crypto players
    • Gaming library powered by to software providers
    • Gaming options include Mines and other crypto mini games
    • Casino optimized to run on mobile devices
    • Supports a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies
    • Offers generous promotions to all Wild.io members

    Whenever you are on the lookout for a reliable online casino where you can play crypto games you can head to Wild.io, which is a great brand catering to the needs of crypto players. Whether you prefer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or any other popular cryptocurrency, at Wild.io, you will be able to handle your casino balance in a simple and secure manner.

    As a member of Wild.io, you will have the opportunity to explore a vast variety of gaming options provided by top software providers. Among the numerous slots, table games, and live dealers options at the casino, you will also find several crypto games. Mines by Spribe is one of the provably fair titles you will have the chance to play and revel in fun crypto gaming online. Share your Mines moments with fellow Wild.io members in the game’s chat or explore other crypto mini games.

    Since you will be playing at a crypto casino, you will need to use any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the brand. Fortunately, Wild.io allows deposits and withdrawals in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and more. If you are looking for a way to boost your winning chances, you can always redeem some of the promotions offered by Wild.io. The best part about the whole experience offered by Wild.io is that it can also be enjoyed on any mobile device that supports HTML5.

  2. mBit

    Play NowVisit mBit Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    0.00035 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    10 BTC
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    Crypto - instant
    • Experienced crypto casino brand
    • Gaming lobby offers games by leading software providers
    • Crypto players can play Mines and various other crypto games
    • Payments possible via a wide range of cryptocurrencies
    • Players can redeem various daily deals
    • Mobile play available across a wide range of mobile devices

    While many of the crypto casinos operating nowadays have little to no experience in this field, mBit is a brand, which has been operating ever since 2014. The extensive experience of the crypto casino proves that you can always expect a top-notch gaming experience when you log into your mBit account. The company, which owns mBit is Dama N.V., which operates under a license issued by the authorities in Curacao.

    Since the virtual casino has joined forces with some of the best software companies in the iGaming field, you can find a plethora of exciting games at Wild.io’s lobby. The casino ensures a wide selection of video slots, classic table games, jackpot options, Live Casino games as well as quite a few crypto mini games. Mines is one of the titles specifically catering to players who prefer provably fair games and enjoy crypto gaming online.

    As for the ways one can boost their gaming balance, mBit offers different promotions, which can be redeemed by newcomers as well as returning players. What is more, the entire gaming library of the casino can be accessed by a variety of mobile devices. That ensures smooth crypto gaming at any time and place.

  3. Sportsbet.io

    Play NowVisit Sportsbet.io
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    0.00025 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    No maximum limit
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    Crypto - instant
    • Gaming brand offering a variety of games
    • Casino partners with more than 30 top providers
    • Gaming options include Mines and other fun crypto games
    • Payments are possible via popular cryptocurrencies
    • Players can buy crypto via fiat methods
    • Mobile play is available on any device supporting HTML5

    You can revel in a fruitful and fun gaming experience if you decide to join the Sportsbet.io community. This crypto gaming and betting site allows its patrons to use popular cryptocurrencies for a safer, more private, and enjoyable gambling experience online. The brand is operated by mBet Solutions NV, which is an entity licensed by the gambling authorities in Curacao.

    One of the great advantages of playing at Sportsbet.io is that you will choose from the gaming portfolios of more than 30 creative software companies, with Spribe being one of them. That means players will be able to play Mines as well as other crypto mini games developed by the company. In addition to these provably fair solutions, members of the casino will be able to play other crypto titles, video slots, table games, Live Casino roulette, blackjack, and a variety of other fun casino solutions.

    If you are on the move, you will be able to enjoy your favorite games directly on your smartphone. Despite the device you play on, the payments at Sportsbet.io are guaranteed to be safe, easy, and extremely fast. Thanks to a vast variety of popular cryptocurrencies, players will have the freedom to make instant deposits and enjoy withdrawals that are just as fast.

  4. CryptoLeo

    Play NowVisit CryptoLeo Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    0.0001 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    0.06403 BTC
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    Crypto - within 24 hours
    • Online casino catering specifically to crypto players
    • Gaming lobby offers titles by top software providers
    • Players can bet on Mines and other provably fair casino options
    • Casino promotions available to both new and existing players
    • Casino optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices
    • Supports various popular cryptocurrencies

    CryptoLeo introduces its members to a top-notch casino experience any time they log into their gaming accounts. Despite having less operating experience, this crypto casino makes sure that its patrons will enjoy the best games one can find across the web. With a license issued by the authorities in Curacao, the casino has been licensed to operate and offer crypto gambling to its members.

    With the help of top software providers, CryptoLeo offers a wide range of games, which include popular classic and video slots, table games, live dealer options, and crypto games. If you prefer provably fair games, we suggest playing Mines and other similar crypto games, which will allow you to verify the fairness of every round you have played.

    Whether you are a newly registered member of CryptoLeo or you have played for a while, you will have different redeemable promotions at your disposal. As for the funding part of your casino experience, you will have the chance to choose from a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies. No matter your preferences for the crypto method, you will be able to handle your deposits and withdrawals in an extremely fast and secure way.

  5. Vave Casino

    Play NowVisit Vave Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    BTC/BCH: 0.028
    Max Withdrawal
    No limits
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    Crypto - up to a few hours
    • Casino enables safe and fair crypto gaming for its members
    • Ensures fast deposits and withdrawals thanks to popular cryptocurrencies
    • Offers games by over 100 software providers
    • Mines and other crypto mini games available to Vave members
    • Mobile gaming possible on various mobile devices
    • Players can redeem various generous promotions

    Since providing top-class crypto gambling requires incorporating different elements, Vave has included all key elements in its operation to provide the best casino experience for its members. It has not been that long since the brand went live, however, it makes sure to offer diverse gaming options, convenient and fast payments, and generous promotions to keep its patrons entertained. The casino has been licensed by the gaming authorities in Curacao and you can check the validity of the license any time you visit Vave’s official website.

    With more than 100 software providers working on the games selection at Vave, it comes as no surprise that players can choose from a glut of slots, jackpot titles, variations of table games, live tables, roulette, and game shows. To complete the gaming variety, Vave also provides several crypto games, which feature provably fair technology. Mines and other titles by Spribe can offer a wonderful casino experience to crypto players who can check the fairness of the games at any time.

    When it comes to topping up one’s account or requesting a withdrawal, members of Vave will have the chance to resort to several popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum are just a few of the crypto options available to Vave patrons, enabling fast and secure casino payments.

  6. Hell Spin

    Play NowVisit Hell Spin
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    • $4,000 per day
    • $16,000 per week
    • $50,000 per month
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank cards - up to 7 days
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Crypto - within 24 hours
    • Brand catering to all sorts of casino fans
    • Gaming library is provided by 50+ creative software companies
    • Ensures smooth cross-platform gaming experience
    • Fans of crypto games will discover plenty provably fair titles
    • Casino promotions include generous reload bonus and other incentives
    • Supports payments via fiat methods and popular cryptocurrencies

    Combining all sorts of casino experiences is one of Hell Spin’s specialties, with the brand offering a vast variety of casino games that will appeal to different players. With crypto gambling gaining bigger popularity, Hell Spin has made sure that crypto players will also feel at ease when playing online. Owned by Uno Digital Media B.V. this virtual casino operates under a license issued by the authorities in Curacao.

    The eclectic vibe of Hell Spin’s casino lobby is thanks to a wide range of games provided by more than 50 well-known software companies. If you enjoy playing slots, table games, video poker, jackpot games, or any other type of casino game, at Hell Spin, you will find plenty of titles to suit your taste. Meanwhile, crypto players will discover quite a few provably fair games, with Mines by Spribe being one of them.

    Ensuring fair and safe gaming is a top priority for the casino, which is obvious when you see the wide range of supported payment solutions at Hell Spin. While the Cashier of each player can accept payments via a range of fiat methods, the casino also supports some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. That way players can make instant deposits and withdrawals and handle their payments via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other popular crypto variants.

  7. Woo Casino

    Play NowVisit Woo Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    €20; 0.0002 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    €4,000; 2 BTC per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank Cards - 1-3 days
    • Bank Transfer - 1-5 days
    • Interac - 1-3 days
    • Crypto payments - instant
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Gaming brand with extensive gaming library
    • Offers a variety of provably fair crypto games
    • Players can handle payments via fiat and crypto methods
    • Gaming on the go possible on a variety of mobile devices
    • Casino incentives include mystery boxes for loyal casino members
    • Ensures safe and fair gaming

    Players seeking a fun crypto casino experience can easily enjoy the best leisure time by joining Woo Casino. This brand caters to fans of different casino games, with over 100 creative software developers working on the constantly updated gaming library of the brand. Woo Casino operates under a license by the authorities in Curacao, with players having the ability to check the validity of the license any time they visit Woo Casino’s website.

    As for the gaming diversity offered by the casino, players will be able to choose from popular classic and video slots, table games, video poker, jackpot titles, and live dealer games. If you enjoy the thrill of crypto gambling, you can try Mines or other crypto games offered in Woo Casino’s gaming lobby. Not only do these titles offer a different type of gambling, but they also enable players to check the fairness of every result thanks to the provably fair feature of crypto games.

    Promotions are constantly available to all Woo Casino members, with players who deposit regularly also being able to unlock special mystery boxes. Speaking of deposits, those will be possible through the payment systems of quite a few fiat methods as well as popular cryptocurrencies. For their withdrawals, players will also have a wide range of options to choose from, with crypto and e-wallet payouts being the fastest ones.

  8. Bitvegas.io

    Play NowVisit Bitvegas.io Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    $/€20; 0.0001 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    $/€5,000; 0.8 BTC per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank Cards - instant
    • Bank Transfer - instant
    • Interac - 1-3 days
    • Crypto payments - instant
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Gaming brand catering to crypto players
    • Extensive gaming library thanks to more than 80 providers
    • Offers a variety of crypto games, including Mines
    • Promotions can be redeemed by new and existing players
    • Ensures smooth mobile gaming on different devices
    • Allows safe and fast payments via fiat and crypto methods

    Bitvegas.io offers players a top-notch online gaming experience, bringing joy to fans of slots, classic table games, or any other variation of casino entertainment. Since the brand has joined forces with more than 80 innovative software companies, players can expect a huge variety of games that can please even the most demanding players. The company, which owns and operates Bitvegas is Hollycorn N.V., which operates under a license issued by the authorities in Curacao.

    Since Bitvegas.io strives to offer a huge gaming variety to its members, the casino is also featuring quite a few crypto mini games under the category of Instant. These allow a simple, yet potentially rewarding gaming experience, with the provably fair feature allowing players to confirm the fairness of these games at any time. Mines, Aviator, and other Spribe games are just a few of the crypto titles you will find at Bitvegas.io.

    Daily bonuses are just a small portion of the incentives offered to members of the casino. Those who are loyal to the brand can also enjoy quite a few VIP perks, while there is also the chance to enjoy fruitful results by participating in Bitvegas.io’s tournaments. As for the funding part of your experience, the casino will allow you to choose from a wide range of fiat and crypto options, making your time at Bitvegas.io even more convenient and enjoyable.

  9. BitKingz Casino

    Play NowVisit BitKingz Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    €20; 0.0001 BTC
    Max Withdrawal
    $/€4,000; 10 BTC per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank Cards - 3-5 days
    • Bank Transfer - 5-7 days
    • Crypto payments - instant
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Offers constantly updated gaming library
    • Relies on gaming solutions of more than 90 providers
    • Players can bet on Mines and other provably fair games
    • Offers instant payouts via different payment options
    • Players can use fiat and crypto methods for their casino payments
    • Casino offers daily, weekly, and personal bonuses

    You can explore a wide range of gaming options if you join BitKingz and become one of the casino’s members. It has not been long since this brand went live but it definitely knows how to provide a wonderful casino experience for fans of different casino games. To make sure that players are enjoying a safe and fair online gaming experience, the casino follows strict responsible gambling guidelines. The brand operates under a license by the gaming authorities in Curacao.

    You can explore a whole realm of diverse gaming options, with more than 90 creative software companies providing the games at BitKingz. Whether you enjoy slots, table games, video poker, or live dealer games, at this interactive casino, you will discover a variety of options to fit your preferences. What is more, BitKingz features different crypto games like Mines by Spribe. Thanks to provably fair technology, these games allow players to check the fairness of every gaming round, making their casino experience extra fair and reliable.

    Whether you have just joined this casino or you have been playing for a while, you will have the opportunity to redeem quite a few promotions. Whether you need to make a deposit to qualify for a casino bonus or you simply want to fund your account, you will have the chance to choose from several convenient payment options. For your withdrawals, you will also have quite a selection of methods, with crypto players also being able to use CoinsPaid to handle their casino payments via a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

  10. Bitdreams

    Play NowVisit Bitdreams
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    €4,000 per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank Transfer - 3-5 days
    • Crypto payments - instant
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Players can choose from diverse casino games
    • Casino offering an extensive selection of crypto games
    • Enables smooth gaming on the go on almost any mobile device
    • Promotions offered to new and loyal returning players
    • Provides safe and fair gaming environment
    • Supports both fiat and crypto payments

    Bitdreams is a virtual casino, which was launched by a team of iGaming experts with extensive experience in this field. That is why the brand can offer a top-notch casino adventure to all of its patrons, with the gaming library delivering a diverse selection of games, catering to the taste of every player. This casino operates thanks to a license issued from the eGaming authorities in Curacao to the brand’s owner, Hollycorn N.V.

    To allow its patrons a wonderful gaming experience, Bitdreams has partnered with over 60 major software providers. That is the reason for the extensive gaming library of the casino offering more than 4,000 fun slots, table games, jackpot options, and various other casino games. Among the different titles you will discover at Bitdreams, there is also Mines by Spribe and various other crypto mini games.

    Both new and existing players will have the chance to redeem bountiful promotions. Meanwhile, long-term players who have proven to be unique and loyal members of Bitdreams can join the exclusive Star Club and enjoy special casino benefits.

    While it is true that Bitdreams is a great destination for crypto players, those who prefer fiat payments will have plenty of options to choose from for their deposits and withdrawals. That said, there is also the chance to resort to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and enjoy instant and safe deposits and withdrawals.

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Dan Judith

Does using the Open Randomly option in Mines guarantee more successful betting sessions?

Asked by: Judith | Asked on: 2023-06-05
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-06

While Mines offers players the option to let the game randomly open a certain number of tiles, this does not mean that you will enjoy winning rounds more frequently. Since the tiles the game’s mechanics reveal are always random, there is still no way to avoid bombs across the game’s grid. That said, if you do not feel like making multiple decisions on each betting round, you can use the Open Randomly option to instantly reveal a specific number of tiles. The chances of opening only stars will still depend solely on your luck and the randomness of this crypto game. If you want to make sure that this option offers fair results every time, you can still verify each outcome’s fairness via the provably fair feature.

Dan Dolores

Is there a correct strategy to play Mines and earn a decent return?

Asked by: Dolores | Asked on: 2023-07-02
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-07-03

There are various Mines strategies you can find online and explore their effectiveness. Typically, players who have enjoyed success with certain patterns would recommend going for a certain number of mines and tiles for all betting rounds of your gaming sessions. Despite the betting pattern and bet size progression you choose to utilize, you should keep in mind that every result in Mines is free of any bias and you cannot correctly predict which tiles will reveal mines on each betting round. That is why, we can recommend trying some strategies but avoid relying solely on them when you play Mines.

Dan Caleb

Is there a fruitful betting system I can use when choosing my bet size while playing Crypto Mines?

Asked by: Caleb | Asked on: 2023-07-05
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-07-06

Like other games based on provably fair technology, results in Crypto Mines depend for the most part on luck. That means that the bomb positions on every round are selected randomly and there is no way to predict their place. This is why there is no strategy you can use to increase your winning chances when playing Crypto Mines. That said, there is a strategy you might follow whenever you wish to minimize your losses and enjoy longer gaming sessions. You may find different betting systems used online, with most of them suggesting to cash out at a certain point if you happen to reveal a few stars. For instance, you can start with a certain bet amount, pick to play with four mines, and cash out as soon as you reveal four star symbols. If your betting round has been successful, you can add the win to your original stake size and decrease the number of mines to three. As soon as you open four stars, you should cash out again. You continue with this pattern until you reduce to a play with a single mine and a bet size equal to all of your previous wins.