Crypto Fortune Game

Crypto Fortune Game

Crypto Fortune is a fresh wheel-based game of chance crafted by the promising game designers of MrWin, a young software studio that specializes in delivering a next-generation gaming experience to players who insist on transparency, cross-compatibility, and utmost quality. This release poses a great alternative for players keen on wheel-based game shows like Evolution’s Crazy Time and Dream Catcher who find the constant chattering of the live hosts nauseating.

Fully optimized for mobile play, Crypto Fortune uses three concentric wheels that contain sectors with win multipliers, zeros, and arrows. The betting range is flexible enough to accommodate all players, with wagers ranging from $0.10 to $10 or the currency equivalent. The aim is to progress from the innermost to the outermost wheel which contains larger win multipliers. The designers have incorporated a bonus feature that adds more flair to the game and pumps up the excitement.

The icing on the cake is the dynamic crypto jackpot that continues to grow until it reaches the current market price of Bitcoin. The slick visuals, expertly rendered animations, and enchanting soundtrack playing in the background further boost the appeal of the game. The colossal wheel spins against a purplish backdrop that oozes luxury and extravagance, with animated lights playfully flickering across the rim’s edge.

Crypto Fortune outperforms many other chance-based games in terms of profitability as well. It carries a house edge of 2.60% only, which is lower than that in single-zero roulette and many of the online slots released these days. Jump on board as we explore this fantastic new release by MrWin in further detail, giving you a closer look at the game’s rules, payouts, and bonus features.

Crypto Fortune Summary
Software Provider MrWin
Number of Winning Sectors 21 sectors in the base game, 24 sectors during the bonus feature
RTP 97.40%
Hit Rate 56.50%
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $10.00
Chip Denominations 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00
Bonus Features A bonus round with 100x multipliers
Jackpot Up to $30,000

Symbols and Winning Combinations in Crypto Fortune

Symbols and Winning Combinations in Crypto FortuneCrypto Fortune lacks the flashy symbols inherent to online slots as it plays similarly to Wheel of Fortune, the most popular game show of all time. The MrWin developers have incorporated several unique twists to spice up the gameplay and improve the winning potential of the game. Rather than using a single wheel with sectors containing fixed monetary prizes, Crypto Fortune features a set of three concentric wheels.

Each wheel has sections with win multipliers, zeros, or pointing arrows. During the base game, players have 21 winning sectors in total to collect payouts from. The gameplay is simple, which works to the advantage of novice gamblers. The round starts with you adjusting your bet size and choosing your desired chip denomination. Then you hit the spin button to set the innermost wheel into motion.

If the pointer selects a win multiplier, the round ends and the corresponding amount is credited to your balance. No payouts are awarded when the wheel spin results in zero. The player proceeds to spin the center and outermost wheels on condition the pointer lands on the green sectors containing arrows. The main objective is to reach the outer wheel because it contains the largest win multipliers as you can see below.

  • The innermost wheel contains one green arrow sector, three zeros, two 0.5x multipliers, and a single 2x multiplier.
  • The center wheel has one green arrow, two zeros, two 1x multipliers, two more 2x multipliers, and a single 5x multiplier.
  • The outer wheel has three zeros, seven 2x multipliers, two 3x multipliers, two 5x multipliers, one 20x multiplier, and a single 50x multiplier.
The developers have used a distinctive color for each multiplier to make it easier for players to differentiate between multiplier values. As you can see, the largest individual multiplier you can land in the base game is 50x, which corresponds to a maximum single payout of $500 at the highest betting level with a $10 wager.

Bonus Features of Crypto Fortune

Features Included in Crypto FortuneThe winning potential of Crypto Fortune significantly increases during the bonus feature, which can trigger randomly on any given wheel spin. Whenever this happens, the software will transform one to three zero sectors on a randomly selected wheel into win multipliers, further boosting your odds of pocketing a tasty payout. But it gets better as the multiplier values of the transformed sector are greater than those in the base game. Your winnings can be potentially boosted by 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or 100x if the pointer settles on a transformed sector.

On top of the bonus feature, the game is equipped with an appetizing dynamic Crypto Jackpot, as the developers have called it. The dynamic pot grows bigger and bigger until it eventually escalates to the current market price of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, in which case one lucky player stands the chance of ending their betting session with a top prize of $30,000.

Winning the dynamic jackpot is possible during each bonus round provided that the crypto bar to the left of the wheel is full. This enormous prize is heralded by a Mega Win banner appearing on your screen. We suggest you keep a close watch on the jackpot bar since it indicates how close the current crypto jackpot is to reaching Bitcoin’s market price.

Another distinctive feature of this unique game is that it is provably fair, which enables wheel spinners to verify the randomness of the results themselves. All outcomes are produced using a special algorithm that combines server-generated randomness with client seeds. This way, both the casino and the player can check and analyze the results to ensure everything is fair and square. Players can access this feature by clicking or tapping the shield-shaped icon in the main menu.

Bonus Features of Crypto Fortune


VerdictIn summary, Crypto Fortune can best be described as a breath of fresh air. The game is beautifully designed and comes with an intuitive interface that enables you to easily find your way around even if this is your first time trying it.

Playing for the dynamic crypto jackpot is definitely well worth it and the payouts you can earn during bonus rounds are not too shabby, either. The outcome of each wheel spin is fully verifiable and fair, so there is no need to worry about online casinos cheating you out of your money.