Popular Thai Influencer Pleads Guilty to Promoting Illegal Online Gambling Despite Nationwide Crackdown

Popular Thai Influencer Pleads Guilty to Promoting Illegal Online Gambling Despite Nationwide CrackdownThai authorities have issued orders to summon 30 celebrities and influencers, who allegedly encouraged their fans to gamble online. Among the people who have received an order to appear at the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) was Phannarai Khemmi, known as Mod Oi – a popular influencer with 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

Yesterday, Mod Oi went to the CCIB headquarters in Nonthaburi province in the company of her boyfriend, admitting that she promoted the services of two illegal gambling platforms. The social media star told officers that she was not well acquainted with the laws regarding gambling advertising but immediately deactivated her account after receiving the summons.

As reported by KhaoSod, cyber police have accused seven influencers thus far, with Pound Nipon, Cherry Sam Khok, and Nak Nak being among them. Besides, five social media influencers received a jail sentence of two months. Two weeks ago, KhaoSod reported that the CCIB raided 12 locations and busted the online gambling network GALAXY959, confiscating expensive vehicles, technologies, and other incriminating evidence. According to warrants, 13 people had been arrested following the raids. It was reported that billions of bahts circulated through the illegal gambling network operated by the said network.

Mod Oi Made Approximately $600 Per Month for Posting Gambling Invitations

Mod Oi admitted that the two gambling companies paid her approximately $20 a day for promoting their services. She explained that she posted one gambling invitation per day, which earned her almost $600 per month since February 2022. She also revealed that the two gambling platforms contacted her via the LINE app and offered to pay her in order to advertise their gambling services on social media. The influencer also told police officers that she received the money in various locations.

Mod Oi also alerted the police about many fake Twitter and Facebook accounts registered under her name, encouraging followers to gamble online. The influencer filed a report against the creators of those fake profiles and urged her fans not to believe the deceptive content posted on them.

Among the celebrities summoned in relation to the investigation into the illegally operating gambling sites was the popular music artist Rattaya Si Nakorn. Better known for her artistic pseudonym, Nes, Nakorn was also summoned after making posts, encouraging people to gamble online.

Most forms of gambling are prohibited in Thailand. However, thousands of gambling platforms have been targeting Thai people for years. That prompted the Thai government to launch a nationwide crackdown on illegal online gambling operations. Last year, the country’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society reported they shut down 2,800 illegal gambling platforms for 12 months only.